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Innovation and Investor Focus Earn Awards for a Non-Traded BDC and Its Sponsor

FS Energy and Power Fund (FSEP), a non-traded BDC, recently announced that it has won the 2014 Alternative Investment Award for Innovation Investing in Energy from Wealth & Finance International Magazine. The award honors businesses and individuals in the alternative investment industry that focus on innovative, forward-thinking, and client-friendly businesses.

“We’re proud to be named as an international leader in the rapidly growing alternatives industry,” said Michael C. Forman, Chairman and CEO of Franklin Square. “Funds like FSEP, which primarily supplies capital to privately held energy and power businesses, exemplify how true alternatives that embrace the benefits of illiquidity can enhance investor portfolios.”

In addition, FSEP’s sponsor, Franklin Square Capital Partners, was the recipient of the award for Best Investor Focused Manager of Alternative Investment Funds.

Founded in 2007, the Philadelphia-based firm manages over $11 billion in assets across FSEP and its four other alternative funds.

Wealth & Finance International Magazine is an international, monthly publication that focuses on informative and current business content. The winners of its awards are determined based on merit and votes gathered from a combination of the magazine’s network industry partners as well as in-house research.