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IBD Picks Up Advisor Team with $139 Million of AUM

Independent broker-dealer (IBD) Securities America recently welcomed a group of new advisors that manage $139 million in client assets.  The Texas-based team consists of Cody Siebert, Ronald Briggs, Shawn Loring, and James Klodosky. 

Siebert, Briggs and Klodosky joined from 1st Global Capital Corp. Loring, who will serve as the OSJ,  was affiliated with Sagepoint Financial.  

The group compared 42 IBDs during their due diligence process and ultimately chose Securities America due to its technology offerings, among other factors. 

“You hire a broker-dealer to quickly and cleanly process your business to help serve clients. The rest is just icing on the cake,” said Siebert. “What set Securities America apart was the technology. You can log into one system to see client assets and the firm-based reoccurring revenue.”

Clearing options, specifically National Financial and Pershing, were important to the advisors, in addition to a cultural match, and IT security. 

 “Anybody can say commitment,” Siebert said, “but we found Securities America actually provided the proven commitment to technology and technology support before and after we transitioned.”

Securities America is home to over 2,000 financial advisors that manage more than $56 billion in client assets.