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Evolution Continues For Industry Trade Group


In business, change is inevitable. Industries and businesses come, some go, and others evolve. The Real Estate Investment Securities Association, also known as REISA, since its founding as the Tenants In Common Association (TICA), has continued to evolve to better serve its members.

Announced during the trade group’s annual conference in Las Vegas, REISA’s Board of Directors unanimously voted to change the organization’s name to better reflect its mission and service to the industry. 

Now known as the Alternative and Direct Investment Securities Association or ADISA, the trade group’s new name demonstrates its service to many more sectors in addition to real estate related investment products. 

“The change to Alternative and Direct Investment Securities Association better reflects our organization’s mission and what we provide to the alternative investment industry,” said ADISA Executive Director/CEO, John Harrison in a statement. “Our association represents thousands of individuals in alternative investments from all types and sectors, and we strive to provide the best education, networking and advocacy for these professionals.”

ADISA’s membership has grown to over 2,000 members from many firms across the industry including sponsors of real estate investment trusts, business development companies, oil and gas partnerships, equipment leasing programs, and other alternative investment vehicles, plus, the broker-dealers who make these products available through their platforms, and many affiliate firms.

“Founded in 2003 as TICA, the organization grew beyond a single investment product type (tenant-in-common programs) to broader real estate based products, and was given the name REISA. REISA’s new name, ADISA, shows the evolution to handling even more areas of investment products,” added Harrison.

With over 70 exhibitors at this year’s annual conference, attendees walking the exhibit hall witness this evolution from one investment product first hand. About 20 or so product sponsors offer something other than a real estate offering.

Attended by close to 1,000 industry professionals, this year’s conference reflects the associations continued growth in attracting members interested in alternative investment education and networking opportunities. According to the ADISA staff, membership and attendees at events have increased by over 20% in the past two years.