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Don’t call me Harvard, just Behringer.

Behringer Harvard announced today that it has simplified its name to Behringer. This change comes with the company’s rebranding initiative that signals a shift in its strategic direction. The initiative covers the company’s name, logo, website, graphic identity, and an advertising campaign that will begin in the first quarter of 2014. While the rebranding initiative brings changes, it will not have an impact on the branding of several alternative investment programs previously or currently sponsored under the Behringer Harvard brand.

Behringer creates, manages, and distributes global institutional-quality alternative investment programs for individual and institutional investors. “We believe this is the right way forward for our company and those it serves,” said Robert S. Aisner, president and CEO of Behringer.

Frank Muller, executive vice president and head of distribution for Behringer commented, “Our brand is simply catching up with the way we have been doing business for some time.” He continued, “For example, our distribution expertise has already enabled us to partner with other best-in-class asset managers to bring groundbreaking investment programs to market.”

Most recently, Behringer recently co-sponsored with Prospect Capital Management to create the Priority Senior Secured Income Fund, a closed-end fund which purchases equity and junior debt tranches in collateralized loan obligations (CLOs).

Mr. Aisner added, “We expect that our expertise in public and private real estate investment programs will continue to be an important part of our alternative investment programs. At the same time, we are adapting our core competencies and expanding our distribution platform to offer a wider range of market-responsive investment opportunities.”

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