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    Versity Invest, LLC (“Versity”) is a real estate investment company located in Orange County, California.  Versity specializes in student housing, multi-family, and opportunistic investments across the US.  The company’s predecessor was originally founded in 2007 and has matured into an institutional quality investment manager with 38 properties in 19 states with a combined syndicated value of $1.64BN.  The firm’s product lineup includes Delaware Statutory Trusts (“DSTs”), REITs, and LLCs.  The firm employs nearly 300 professionals, including approximately 50 home office professionals in southern California.

    Versity is best known for our approach to core student housing investments.  The off-campus student housing industry is built on the following unique advantages of the asset class: recession resilience, stable economic anchors, and the long-term consistency of enrollment growth at public four-year universities.  In every recession since 1970, enrollment at public four-year schools has grown, in many eyes, making the off-campus housing market “all weather”.  Further, when compared to that of private two and four-year schools, the public four-year cohort has experienced consistent upward sloping growth since the early 1970s.  Finally, Versity believes that what separates student from other asset classes is the categories reliance on economic anchors that have survived, in some cases, well over 100 years.  In our case, the average age of universities where we own properties is 139 years.

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    (Jason Kjellson)