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    Time Equities Inc. (“TEI”) is a privately held, full service, commercial real estate investment and development company that has been successfully investing and managing its own portfolio alongside investor capital for over 5 decades. TEI currently holds in its own portfolio over 300 properties, approximately 30 million square feet, of residential, office, retail, and industrial assets.

    Founded in 1966, Time Equities Inc. (TEI) has been in the real estate investment, development and asset & property management business for more than 50 years. TEI currently holds in its own portfolio approximately 32.4 million square feet of residential, industrial, office and retail property – including over 4,000 multi-family apartment units. In addition, TEI is in various stages of development and pre-development of constructing approximately 1.4 million square feet of various property types which includes at least 1,447 residential units. With properties in 30 states, five Canadian provinces, Germany, the Netherlands, and Anguilla, the TEI portfolio benefits from a diversity of property types, sizes and markets. There are concentrations in the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest and West Coast, and new markets are always being evaluated.

    TEI has found success in both bull and bear real estate markets with a disciplined investment strategy focused on staying “ahead of the curve.”

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    (Jack Goldberg)