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    Phoenix American Hospitality (PAH) is an “opportunistic” hotel fund manager that believes that the current economic and real estate environment has created acquisition opportunities in select markets. The ability to profit in an opportunistic cycle is based upon value enhancement strategy, sound acquisition policy followed closely by Phoenix American’s ability and experience to execute the strategy.

    The company’s primary strategy will be to identify and acquire hotels which provide cash flow and value-added opportunities for the company. The acquisitions team seeks to acquire hotels that have one or more of the following characteristics:

    • Expense Reduction & Revenue Management – We seek hotels that are operating below our target margins. We increase the net operating income (NOI) by actively managing our own hotels. We treat our hotels as a business, not just as real estate.

    • Location – Acquire projects located in areas of the U.S. that are business destinations or otherwise expected to attract an influx of travelers.

    • Strong Brand Affiliation – Purchase recognized brands with strong, global reservation systems.

    • Barriers to Entry – Buy in regions where new construction is difficult due to high construction costs and limited available sites zoned for hotel use.

    • Pricing Opportunity – Acquire projects at a price below the current replacement.

    The Berkshire at Preston Center
    5950 Berkshire Lane, Suite #850
    Dallas, TX 75225

    (Audrey Kamin)