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    Three generations of focused experience in petroleum engineering & geology. More than $118 million in assets under management. Nine strategic liquidity events.

    When it comes to acquiring mineral and royalty interests that lead to successful investments, Montego Minerals has an indisputable history, track record, and experience.

    For more than 10 years, our company has delivered funds comprised of assets located in the Permian Basin and other prolific shale formations. With 100+ years of collective expertise, our team has the knowledge, wisdom, and proficiency to identify the right opportunities for long-term wealth creation.

    Building on a storied history in oil and gas Montego Minerals was founded in 2009 as a family office that pursues mineral and royalty acquisitions, but the executive team’s combined expertise extends back to 1956.

    At that time, founding principal Monty Gist worked at Humble Oil and Refining (now Exxon Mobile), followed by six decades working with independent exploration companies in and around the Permian Basin. Gist’s son and grandson, founding principals S. Rhett Gist (a master petroleum engineer) and B. Cutler Gist (an industrial engineer), have followed in Monty’s footsteps, also carving out successful careers in the oil and gas and the mineral and royalty industries.

    Montego Minerals is an accumulation of deep experience in all areas of petroleum engineering and geology, oil and gas consulting, economics, and exploration. The company focuses on high potential assets in the Permian Basin, specifically in the Midland Basin, as well as the East Texas Basin.


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