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    GWG Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq:GWGH), the parent company of GWG Life and Life Epigenetics, is a financial services company committed to transforming the life insurance industry through disruptive and innovative products and services. The Company has developed a new suite of options for the life insurance secondary market called LifeCare Xchange (LCX). This new capability provides seniors with the exchange value of their life insurance policies they can apply to long-term care and other post-retirement needs. Life Epigenetics seeks to transform the industry by applying proprietary M-Panel epigenetic technology to improve on traditional life insurance underwriting practices. Since 2006, GWG Life has provided seniors over $457 million in exchange value for their illiquid life insurance and, as of September 30, 2017, owned a portfolio of over $1.62 billion in face value of policy benefits.

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