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Dallas-Based Investment Firm Building Sales Team for Non-Traded Investment Products

If you want early success raising capital from independent broker-dealers (IBD), you need to hire experienced, proven executives. If you are jumping into a new business like non-traded investment products, your new hires best have experience in this field.

Highland Capital Management, L.P. (Highland) is no stranger to the investment management space. They, along with affiliates, manage about $19 billion in assets. However, Highland is new to the IBD space and non-traded product offerings.

To successfully enter the IBD space, Highland has hired nine executives for its sales team and Jennifer Rici, who was hired in February to lead national accounts efforts, to market the various product offerings including the non-traded variety.

Brian Mitts heads up the IBD distribution efforts and all nine new hires report to him.

“As investors continue to look for ways to achieve desired yields and returns, alternative products have become increasingly popular,” said Mitts. “Highland is entering the non-traded space to broaden its alternative product lineup and we believe they will offer a great complement to our liquid alternative products. We are committed to building out the quality sales force needed to market these products effectively.”

Daniel Church, CFP®, Anthony Hazen, Kevin Helwig, Michael Klisares, CFP®, and Matthew Selman (click on each name for their respective LinkedIN profiles) were hired as regional sales directors (external wholesalers). Additionally, Highland has hired four regional sales consultants (internal wholesalers).

Church left Franklin Square, Hazen left Bluerock, Helwig left Ascendant Capital, Klisares left Icon, and Selman left Dividend Capital to join Highland.

“Our build out of this sales team demonstrates Highland’s commitment to providing additional alternative product offerings to our clients and prospects,” said Mitts. “The collective experience of these new hires will ensure that Highland is distributing its non-traded products in all the necessary channels and geographies.”

The non-traded product business is expected to launch within the next week.

A quick review of Highland’s Career section indicates they are looking to fill another internal role and a hybrid role.