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Daily NAV REIT Provides 2014 Distribution Tax Info

Public reporting, daily NAV REIT Dividend Capital Diversified Property Fund, Inc. (DPF), recently announced the tax treatment for its 2014 distributions.

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The REIT paid out four cash distributions during the year and each will be treated as 63.91515 percent ordinary dividend and 36.08485 percent return of capital.

Investors will receive a 1099-DIV with the appropriate dollar amount reported based on the share class held and the length of time shares were owned. DPF is available in four share classes and is listed on the NASDAQ under symbols ZDPFEX, ZDPFAX, ZDPFWX, ZDPFIX.

As of September 30, 2014, DPF owned 69 properties across 24 geographic regions encompassing 12 million square feet.