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CFX Opens Secondary Market for Alternative Assets to the Public

CFX Markets has launched an online market they say will provide investors the opportunity to buy and sell shares of illiquid alternative assets, including public non-traded real estate investment trusts, business development companies and Regulation A+ crowdfunding offerings.

“As the first electronic trading platform for alternative assets, CFX Markets is filling a large gap in the marketplace for private investors,” said CFX Markets head of trading Dan Breen. “The CFX Markets platform has the potential to make the secondary trading of public non-traded REITs, BDCs, Regulation A+ crowdfunding offerings and other alternative assets more efficient than ever before.”

The CFX Markets portal acts as a trading platform for alternative assets, allowing investors to buy and sell shares from other participants in the market (subject to SEC resale restrictions).

Investors seeking to buy or sell shares can visit CFXinvesting.com and register for an account. By authenticating their identity on the CFX platform, investors can begin listing assets for sale or bidding on listed assets on the platform. Interested buyers can review listed assets and offers, along with historical financial data on each asset, before posting bids to buy listed assets.

“The CFX Markets platform represents a landmark moment for the alternative assets industry,” said CFX managing director Jordan Fishfeld. “We’re committed to helping the alternative assets industry reach its full potential by providing investors with the option of liquidity. CFX Markets will provide private investors with much needed flexibility and control over their investment portfolio, and we’re thrilled to work with the leading non-traded REITs and crowdfunding platforms in the industry.”

Although the CFX Markets platform is now open to the public, it has been open since the first quarter of 2016 by invitation-only.

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