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BlueVault’s Non-Traded REIT Reports Ready for Review

BlueVault Partners, an independent researcher of non-traded REITs, recently published its 3Q 2014 Nontraded REIT Industry Review.

The review is available for download and can be accessed by subscribers by logging into their accounts and navigating to “Nontraded REIT” and then “Full Reports”.

BlueVault also recently published consolidated industry data for 3Q 2014, in addition to individual reports. The reports can be accessed by subscribers through the “Full Reports” heading under the Nontraded REIT and Business Development Company tabs.

BlueVault works with the Real Estate Finance and Investment Center at The University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business to create its annual, full-cycle studies. Together, they have analyzed the performance of 35 non-traded REITs that completed a full-cycle event between 1990 and July 1, 2014. This year marks their third year working together comparing non-traded REIT returns to customized benchmarks based on adjusted institutional and public commercial real estate returns.

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