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Bluerock Hires Two More of Griffin’s Former Top Producers

Bluerock Capital Markets LLC, the managing broker-dealer for real estate investment firm Bluerock Real Estate, has hired Bruce Pomper and Jason Van Dusen, two senior vice presidents previously employed by Griffin Capital Securities, as senior regional vice presidents.

The external wholesalers are reuniting with former Griffin Capital Securities president Jeffrey Schwaber, who joined Bluerock Capital Markets as chief executive officer late last year.

Earlier this month, The DI Wire reported that Damian Gallagher, one of the industry’s most well-known and successful wholesalers, also joined the firm following the recent restructuring of Griffin Capital’s sales team.

“Bluerock continues to accelerate its growth and attract the finest distribution professionals in the industry, such as Bruce and Jason,” said Schwaber. “In an industry defined by change, one constant has been that both investor capital and top securities talent follow experience and performance. Bluerock is delighted to welcome Bruce and Jason at this exciting time in the company’s growth.”

While at Griffin Capital Securities, Pomper’s territory included Illinois, Indiana, and Eastern Missouri, while Van Dusen oversaw the Inland Empire in Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Utah.

During Schwaber’s leadership at Griffin Capital Securities from January 2012 to August 2016, the firm raised more than $7 billion in investor equity. During that same period, Pomper raised more than $500 million and Van Dusen raised approximately $400 million distributing the company’s sponsored products.

In their new roles at Bluerock, Pomper’s territory will include Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky, while Van Dusen will oversee a portion of California from Northern Los Angeles up to Central California.

Both Pomper and Van Dusen will begin distributing Bluerock’s sponsored products today, which will include the company’s interval fund Total Income+ Real Estate Fund, Bluerock Residential Growth REIT Redeemable Preferred Stock & Warrants, and 1031 exchanges offered through the vertical Bluerock Value Exchange.

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