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Behringer Securities to Distribute Liquid Alt Fund

Behringer Securities LP, a prominent distributor of non-traded alternative investments, is branching into the liquid alternative space as the distributor of the Insignia Macro Fund (NASDAQ: IGMLX), a daily-liquidity, open-end mutual fund managed by Meritage Capital, a boutique investment management firm.

Insignia Macro Fund first launched in 2013, and seeks long-term risk-adjusted returns by employing global macro-managed futures investment strategies. It is unique from other liquid alternative macro offerings primarily because of its allocation to discretionary focused managers. “Historically, global macro strategies have shown higher long-term returns with lower volatility than developed equity markets – and little correlation to stocks, bonds or other investments,” said Alex Smith, chief executive officer of Meritage Capital. “We are pleased that the fund will be distributed on Behringer Securities’ platform, and we look forward to our continued partnership.”

In May, Behringer Securities and Meritage Capital formally announced a strategic agreement to develop, manage and distribute a series of specialized investment funds encompassing multiple investment strategies that are intended to address the challenges presented by market volatility.

“The addition of the fund to our distribution platform is indicative of our commitment to providing financial advisors and investors with access to nimble, entrepreneurial managers, strategies and structures to build better portfolios,” said Frank Muller, chief executive officer and president of Behringer Securities. “We believe this fund addresses an important need for investors: to identify portfolio diversifiers needed to preserve their wealth.”

Behringer Securities LP offers access to specialized investment strategies through a multi-manager approach presenting advisors and their clients with options for allocating capital, managing risk and diversifying assets.

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