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An Independent Broker-Dealer Awards the Wholesaler of the Year

Independent broker-dealer (IBD), Financial West Group (FWG), recently awarded Bill Servis with its Wholesaler of the Year award. Servis serves as a Regional Director for GWG Holdings, Inc. (GWG), a specialty finance company that manages non-traded life settlement investment offerings.

Based out of Westlake, California, FWG awards its sales partners who provide exceptional service and value.

“We chose Bill because he is very accessible and proactive in his approach,” said Mitch Morrison, President of Financial West Group. “His positive attitude, reliability, knowledge and work at GWG make Bill an important resource for our organization.”

Through its subsidiaries GWG acquires life insurance policies from seniors who cannot afford their policies or no longer need coverage. According to the company it typically pays seniors “five to eight times greater than what the issuing insurance company would pay if the policy were to lapse or be surrendered.”

Servis has been with GWG for just over two years and spent the prior three plus years as the Northwest Regional Vice President for ATEL Securities Corporation.

“We applaud Bill and are proud to have him be part of the GWG family,” said Jon Sabes, CEO of GWG. “Being named Wholesaler of the Year is a testament to Bill’s commitment to industry-leading professionalism, passion for working with people, financial services skills and outstanding results for his business partners.”

“I’m incredibly honored by this recognition,” said Mr. Servis. “Having a great team at GWG and great products, like our recently announced L Bonds, played a huge part in making this award possible.”