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America’s Growing Appetite for Fast Food

By: Brian Buehler, president & chief executive officer, Triton Pacific Securities

Whether it’s the affordable prices, the convenience or brand loyalty, it seems that fast food consumption in America is at an all-time high, despite turbulent markets. Quick service restaurants (QSRs), in fact, have been historically resilient, due in part to their utilization of cost-pass through, their e-commerce resistance and their ability to function with a smaller workforce. For investors, this means that QSRs may offer potential advantages, such as diversification, or, potentially, the benefits of net lease commercial real estate.

Triton Pacific Securities’ latest white paper examines many of the current trends shaping the quick service restaurant sector, along with the different ways to invest in QSRs and some of the potential benefits and risks.

Topics discussed include:

  • The definition of a quick service restaurant
  • The trends driving the industry’s rising popularity
  • Performance during volatile markets
  • Potential benefits
  • Potential challenges
  • Ways to invest

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