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Advisors, it’s good to have Pal in your office.

Barbara Pal has been named Securities America’s assistant of the year for 2013 and will be honored at Securities America’s Connect! this June in San Francisco, California. Ms. Pal is the administrative assistant to Bradley Schlang of Cedar Brook Financial Partners in Cleveland, Ohio.

In order to qualify for the award, candidates must fit certain criteria, including nomination by a Securities America advisor and a minimum of two years experience. Ms. Pal has been in the financial services industry for over 20 years and serves on Securities America’s Sales Assistant Advisory Board.

Two years ago, Ms. Pal showed particular fortitude when Schlang’s colleague passed away unexpectedly and Pal was able to efficiently transition the more than 100 clients affected by the loss.

“Every time we have been hit with a challenge, Barbara immediately goes into solution mode. She has never complained about the workload or when a problem arises. She simply buckles down and solves the issue. Her only concern has been how I am holding up,” Schlang commented in a statement.

The independent financial consultants at Securities America offer a range of investment products, including alternative investments.

Securities America believes in providing multiple educational opportunities to develop sales assistants’ full potential to better serve clients.